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Equipment Inventory Template

All companies would have equipment in their offices. Equipment can be of any kind – sports, furniture, electrical appliances or anything that is of use by the owner or seller. Hence, an equipment inventory is necessary to identify the items available in a particular environment. An equipment inventory is really a stock check that is performed once or twice a year so that considerations for refurbishment or replacement can be made.

For example, a company which sells sports equipment would need to know how much stock it has so that it can decide which equipment needs reordering.

The equipment inventory template header can be simple with:

* Organization name

* Date of Equipment inventory

* Facilitator

The inventory sheet can have many columns of information. Hence, the equipment template may be landscape structured to allow more columns of information to be contained. Nevertheless, it can be simple to contain the necessary information such as:

* Inventory number

* Description of equipment

* Serial number

* Date Acquired

* Vendor

* Purchased price

* Estimated value

* Notes

The above records the essential details of each equipment that is available in the premise. The Notes column allows the facilitator to pen down special notes on each of the equipment, such as ‘charger missing’ so that appropriate action can be taken on that equipment.

The equipment inventory is a good checklist for the owner to decide what to do with the equipment.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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