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Estimate Invoice Template

Before you commit to a contractor on a job, you would be wise to obtain an estimate on the job first. This would ensure that there is no dispute of payment at the end of the job as well as that the required work expected is done accordingly. Many jobs go awry when either party assumes some aspect of the job without writing it down in black and white. Miscommunications can cause a great deal of misunderstandings, wasted time and effort.

Hence, it is good to have an estimate invoice to inform the payee an approximate amount that would be required for settlement after the completion of the job.

The estimate invoice template can have the following components:

* Date of invoice

* Service Provider’s Name & Logo

* Service Provider’s Address & contact number

* Customer’s Name & Address

* Customer’s contact number

* Project Description

* Item

* Description of item

* Hours of service

* Cost per hour

* Total Cost

* Taxes

* Shipping & Handling

The estimate invoice template has to list all resources and their corresponding costs for the customer’s knowledge and approval. All resources pertaining to one project or task should be listed on one estimate invoice so that the customer is able to identify the total cost incurred besides all the resources expected to be involved in the project.

Various terms and conditions can be listed on the estimate invoice for better execution of the transaction.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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