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Evaluation Forms Template

Evaluation forms are important sheets of information which provide feedback to the facilitator after the training. They are to help the facilitator improve future trainings for both the training materials as well as his presentation.

The evaluation form is usually passed out to the training participants at the end of their training for some feedback on the training and trainer. The evaluation form should be designed to be simple and clear in its questions in order to meet its intended objective. It should not be too long with too many questions or sections which may be too demanding on the participants.

Hence, the evaluation form template header should have the following sections:

* Course Title

* Course Facilitator

* Training Date & Venue

* Participant’s Name & Position

The body of the evaluation form template can have several columns:

* Section

* Poor

* Good

* Excellent

The Section column is sub-divided areas which the facilitator would like to obtain some feedback concerning:

* Logistics of training

* Courseware

* Facilitator’s skills, knowledge and presentation style

An evaluation form which is easy to fill out will most likely get the full cooperation of the participants who will not find it stressful to answer the questions which require ticking off answer options provided.

There may be a fill in the blank section at the bottom of the evaluation form which allows the participants to write their comments and thoughts regarding the training.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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