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Evaluation Template

Evaluations are important exercises to be undertaken by a company that is serious in progress and improvement. Any business that wants to be better must consider some form of evaluation to gauge its market presence. It is pointless to claim your own success, like blowing your own trumpet, without sufficient evidence like evaluations and formal feedbacks.

Evaluations are actually feedback to the company on its services and products; clients and potential customers give evaluations to expect better quality of service and products from the company. Evaluations are usually in a form where questions regarding certain areas of interests are evaluated.

Different projects will require different components in an evaluation form. It is also dependent on the company’s objective in conducting the evaluation. The evaluation data is usually compiled to give a general conclusion on the components mentioned in the evaluation form to allow the company authority to make good business decisions based on the data gathered.

An evaluation template can have:

* Evaluation Project Title

* Date of Evaluation

* Components of evaluation

* Participant’s Name & Position

* Stakeholders

* Resources

* Funding

* Authority

An evaluation template can be designed by the person-in-charge of the project who knows the components of the project. It should be easy and clear to allow evaluators to participate happily and voluntarily.

An evaluation is an important exercise for employees too; feedback from within can enhance the work conditions to improve work productivity.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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