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Event Agenda Template

An event or function can be an important task that requires careful planning and preparation to be a success. Hence, for a successful event to happen, an event agenda would be a helpful tool.

With an event agenda, the program can be determined easily to allow a smooth execution. The event agenda template would contain the following components:

* Organizer name

* Event Title / Theme

* Time & Date of Event

* Venue of Event

* Invitees

* Expected number of Attendees

The body of this event agenda template may contain:

* Time Slots

* Program

* Presenter / Facilitator

* Budget

* Actual Cost

* Decorations

* Special requests / sub-events

* Manpower requirements

* Points to Note

As an event is an important function to the event organizer or event owner, the above pieces of information are vital to them. There are many things to be planned and the more sub-programs an event has, the more structured the planning must be. Hence, every part of the event needs to be thoroughly thought out, such as types of decoration which should befit the event’s theme or the budget, which should not be exceeded.

There may be other points of consideration such as charges to the event which could give the event a profit. There is a need to consider the manpower required to support the event in decorations, set up of venue, door gift packing, food and beverages.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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