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Event Invitation Template

Social networking is very important in any business for it to thrive and excel. Hence, many events or functions are planned for such purposes.

An event is only successful if there is a good crowd as it reflects on the organizer’s reputation. To make an event a success, event invitations must be given out to the right crowd. The right invitees can make a strong impact to the success of the event.

Very often today, it is a matter of ‘who you know’ at a social gathering or a formal business event or which important dignitaries will be present at the event. Hence, event invitations are important and need to be properly structured so that the invitees, especially the dignitaries will grace the occasion.

An event invitation template should contain the following information:

* Event organizer’s Name & Address

* Date of Invitation

* Invitee’s Name, Title & Address

* Salutations

* Objective of letter – invitation to event

* Date, time and place of event

* Event program or scheduled activities

* Formal invitation extended to invitee

* Reasons for invitee’s presence

* Closing words of appreciation

* Signatories

The event invitation is a formal letter of invitation requesting the presence of the invitee at the planned event. It must be well worded with the necessary information for the invitee’s positive consideration to grace the event.

R.S.V.P. or contact information can be inserted to ensure a reply for better planning.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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