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Event Management Proposal Template

A business can have many events to boost its presence, promote its products and services as well as for social networking purposes. Hence, an event management is to be well done for a successful attainment of the objective.

An event can be handled by in-house or outsourced; if the event is not too large and the company has enough manpower, it can be handled in-house. This allows its staff the experience as well as there is better control of the event planned as the objectives are always clearly at the forefront of the related tasks.

If an event is very important and big, it is outsourced to a professional event management organizer who is experienced with such functions.

An event management proposal template should contain the following information:

* Event organizer’s Name & Address

* Client’s name & address

* Planned Event title & objectives

* Proposed event date, time & venue

* Outline of Event program

* Tasks to be handled

* Resources

* Charges

The event management proposal contains the above information for the client’s consideration of the event organizer’s capability in handling the event as well as confirms the full comprehension of the event.

The event management proposal should state specifically the confirmed venue and tasks that are required to be done for the event to be successfully. The resources and persons responsible for the smooth functioning of the identified tasks should be stated for accountability.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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