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Event Planner Template

There are many events happening in our lives. It can be a personal event or a business event. To be successful, the event must be well planned. An event planner will be useful in assisting in the preparation of the event from start to finish; from the conception of the event idea to the feedback and evaluation after the event.

An event can be undertaken by any individual who is creative and committed to making the event a success. There are many aspects to an event and the event organizer must be alert to such details. All related and important aspects of the event must be stated down to monitor the progress of the event to ensure its success.

Besides the objective, the event planner must be record the cost and budget, and all related expenses.

An event planner template should contain the following information:

* Event organizer’s Name & Address

* Client’s name & address

* Planned Event title & objectives

* Proposed event date, time & venue

* Cost of event

* Budget for event

* Expenses

* Food

* Decorations

* Beverage

* Marketing

* Admissions

* Miscellaneous

* Total

A big event will require a big budget and the expenses is expected to be larger. Hence, an event planner will help ensure that the funds are used wisely. Miscellaneous can contain other categories depending on the objective of the event such as music and entertainment, or prizes and lucky draws

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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