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Event Planning Proposal Template

A business will have many events in a year to ensure opportunities for revenue to flow in for the continuity of the business. Hence, a business may plan promotions, sales, discounts and offers to promote its products and services. Sometimes, there may be other types of events meant for social networking purposes, such as dinners, conferences, trips, projects and the like.

All these require an event planning proposal so that the organization can keep track of upcoming events as well as to avoid clashes of events. It is good to place all company events on a template to have an overall view of the functions that the company is committed to, so that the manpower is properly designated for a successful event.

Hence, an event planning proposal template should contain the following information:

* Company Name & Address

* Projects / Events

* Objectives of each project

* Planned schedule of each project

* Proposed event date, time & venue

* Person(s) responsible

* Calendar outline

* Resources & Expenses

The event planning proposal can list as much or as brief details as required by the organization. It can be an overview of the company’s events for the year where the calendar is also included to mark off the event planned.

Different highlights or colors may be used to identify the different events on the calendars for clarity and quick reference.

You can even have a reference for the event details.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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