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Event Proposal Template

A business may put forward an event proposal to another company in soliciting its services. A business event can include new product promotion, services promotion, company official openings, celebrations or dinners. Any function that is business related can be construed as an event and an event proposal is appropriate to list out its execution.

Event proposals can be drawn up by professional event organizers to be submitted to the event proposer which might not be familiar with such preparation or facilitation.

Events can also be of a charitable type or personal. They can still have an event proposal to assist in its successful execution.

An event proposal template should contain the following information:

* Event organizer’s Name & Address

* Client’s name & address

* Planned Event title & objectives

* Proposed event date, time & venue

* Outline of Event program

* List of Activities

* Budget

* Service charge

* Signatories

The event proposal needs to list out all possible activities that may happen in the event; the corresponding budget should also be listed for better identification. The schedule for each event should be identified so that the client will have a clear idea of how the event will flow.

There may be a short introduction of the event organizer as well as a brief of the event with its objectives as a reiteration at the start of the event proposal document to confirm the understanding of the event to be undertaken.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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