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Event Sponsorship Proposal Template

Some events that take place may require sponsorship like charitable events which solicit the financial support of organizations and individuals.

There are many types of needy people in our society who require a helping hand from the more affluent to get on in life; orphanages, single parents, elderly, the poor and sick are groups of society that require some form of support or other.

Many NGOs and charitable organizations have frequently made time to be socially responsible towards such needy groups. Hence, they plan many events that solicit funds and manpower from organizations and affluent individuals using an event sponsorship appeal.

An event sponsorship proposal will need to be clearly and precisely structured with the correct and sufficient information for the sponsors to consider lending their hands to the appeal.

Hence, an event sponsorship proposal template should contain the following information:

* Event Organizer’s Name & Address

* Planned Event

* Objectives of event

* Proposed event date, time & venue

* Targeted Needy Groups

* Sponsorship appeal & invitation

* Response

The event sponsorship proposal can list out the targeted needy groups that are the beneficiary of the sponsorship.

Sometimes, having a government or local council approval of the event brings credit to the event as authentic and more sponsorships flow in.

The event sponsorship proposal may also state the program planned for the upcoming event and the target audience to participate.

An event sponsorship may be of cash and kind.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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