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Event Ticket Template

An event is an activity which an individual may participate in if it is his area of interest. Some events require tickets for admission, such as circus, musicals, artiste concerts and others. An event ticket can be purchased, won or given freely depending on the event and its objective.

Nevertheless, an event ticket is an important piece of document which allows one to enter the specific function to enjoy or participate. Hence, there are various types of information on the event ticket which makes it valuable and valid.

The template of an event ticket may contain the following information:

* Event name

* Date of Event

* Time of Event

* Ticket Number

* Venue of Event

* Cost of ticket

* Terms and Conditions

An event ticket can come in various sizes; most of them come in the form of a 2inches by 5 inches piece of paper. It can be colorful or in different fonts which can make it attractive.

Some event tickets write out certain terms or conditions to prevent fraud, such as ‘only original copies allowed’, ‘admits one’, ‘not valid on any other date’, ‘not valid if torn or tattered’.

Some event tickets come in two portions with a perforation separating them. One portion is to be kept by the ticket collector at the entrance as he tears off that portion while the second portion is for the ticket holder to keep for verification purposes.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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