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Event Timeline Template

All businesses have projects or tasks to be undertaken and these require planning. Proper planning requires time to ensure that the project will be successful.

Events function similarly. An event is very important to the image of the business. It could be a good advertorial tool to promote the business but it must be well planned to be a success. Time is needed to plan for the event’s success. It may take a few months from deciding on the event to forming the right committee before the nitty-gritty details are to be handled.

An event timeline records the list of tasks to be undertaken by the event committee. It must have the event organizer liaising closely with the planning committee with lots of checklists and check points to ensure a smooth development of the event.

There are many types of information that need to be taken care of in an event timeline such as event concept, venue selection, target audience, event goals, budget, event program, logistic issues, marketing strategies, catering, vendors & suppliers, door gifts, name tags, guests & VIPs, press invites, volunteers and helpers, trainings and the like.

An event timeline template will monitor:

* Event Concept

* Event Goals

* Event Date

* Logistic issues

* Guests

* Marketing strategies

* Catering

* Trainings

* Manpower

* Checklists

An event timeline will also determine the regular meetings to discuss and confirm outstanding issues as the event date draws close.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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