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Exercise Log Template

Everybody needs exercise; they are good for the body. It is good practice to register the amount of exercise and the type of exercise that is performed by an individual so that the health record of the individual can be identified and monitored.

An exercise log is a good tool for all who are exercising regularly to adopt. It can be on a personal level or in a professional environment whereby the training coach in a health center monitors the health progress of its clients through an exercise log. This will enable the fitness coach an overview of the exercise progress of his clients to recommend better and advanced exercises.

An exercise log template header records the personal information of the user such as:

* Name

* Age & Gender

* Height & Weight

* Chest measurement

* Waist measurement

* Body Fat

* Target Body Fat


* Target BMI

* Fitness Coach name

* Date of Measurement

* Comments

* Type of Exercise program

* Duration of exercise program

* Effects

For each exercise performed, the effects are recorded to monitor the exercise program’s objective. When the objective is reached, a new program can be introduced. Otherwise, a good review should be made on the current exercise program to understand the reason(s) for its failure before changing to another program.

Comments can be freely written to allow future reference or review of the case for the individual or the trainer.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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