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Exercise Planner Template

Exercises are good for the body. Everyone needs to exercise but not everyone has the will power or discipline to exercise regularly. But an exercise planner can help; it is a useful tool which lists out the important information for the user to note his own health level and progress as certain information is recorded for reference.

An exercise planner template header records the personal information of the user such as:

* Name

* Age & Gender

* Height & Weight

* Chest measurement

* Waist measurement

* Body Fat

* Target Body Fat


* Target BMI

The above personal information of the user is to remind the user of his objective: the desired body fat and the targeted body mass index, which reflects his health condition.

The template body of an exercise planner may contain a recording of the different types of exercise for each day of exercise:

* Warm Up exercise

* Strength

* Cool Down

At each of the exercise to be performed, the weights used are recorded. As the muscles gain strength and size, the weights can be increased.

The time or duration of each exercise should be recorded so that the user can monitor his progress with each exercise as well as to adjust his exercise program. The program also encourages repeats of each exercise to firm up the respective muscles.

However, a true and effective exercise program should be under the proper guidance and recommendation of a qualified exercise coach/trainer.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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