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Facsimile Template

A Facsimile or fax is an important document which can be sent to one party from another without taking too much time, like the snail mail. The fax machine can transfer any piece of information directly as it is on the original piece to the recipient’s table, if the machine is of high quality. The faxed copy is usually in black and white. You can fax over as many copies as desired provided your fax machine has a good multiple copies feature or a large enough cache to store the big transfer of information.

A fax template usually has the following components as header:

* Recipient’s fax number

* Sender’s fax number

* Date of fax

* Time of fax

* Total number of pages

The above information is standard on each page of the fax copies while the template body of the fax registers the actual materials on the original copy. Hence, the faxed copy is like a photocopied copy of the original copy.

A faxed copy provides a hardcopy of the original so that the recipient will be able to view the exact piece of document as the sender of the fax.

However, the contents of a faxed copy may fade over time; hence, one has to be careful with the faxed copies. If it is an important piece of document, the faxed copy should be photocopied or scanned immediately upon receipt and filed for safe keeping.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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