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Farm Business Plan Template

All businesses require a good business plan to assist them in the right direction for survival in the industry. The same goes for a farm business; it can be a big business. A good farm business plan gives the farmer his direction and focus on the farm mission and vision for profitability and continuity.

A good farm business plan usually starts off with an executive summary that covers the scope of the business before a description of the company. It may state the company’s background and skills in the related area while specifying the objective of the business plan.

The farm business plan may state the medium and long range strategies and implementations that should work the plan to give profits. It lists down short, medium and long term goals.

Options to work the plan are given for the farmer to choose with the benefits and risks identified. A detailed farm business plan may use SWOT analysis helps to identify the business objectives, mission and vision for a clear direction of existence and progress

A farm business plan template can contain the following types of information:

* Company Name & Address

* Mission & Vision Statements

* Objective of business plan

* Shareholders / Stakeholders

* Long Range Specifications

* Workable Plan Options

* Product Description

* Management style & Team

* Organizational structure

* Product Marketing

* Financial Plans & Tool

* SWOT analysis

* Summary

* Costs

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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