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Fax Cover Template

A Fax Cover is a piece of paper that comes before any faxed pages. It is a summary sheet of what to expect for the recipient from the sender. The fax cover registers a summary of the information about the coming fax pages with the recipient’s information for identification and verification purposes. A fax cover is a useful piece of document to check if the recipient receives all the required pages. Sometimes, the fax pages may not go through or the contents faxed over on certain pages may not be clear.

The recipient can respond to the fax after viewing the fax cover and compare its receipt of information with that stated on the fax cover.

The fax cover template is usually very simple. It contains the basic information about the sender and recipient.

1) * Sender’s Name

* Sender’s Company

* Sender’s Fax number

* Sender’s Contact Number

* Date of fax

* Time of fax

* Total number of pages

2) * Recipient’s Name

* Recipient’s Company

* Recipient’s Fax number

* Recipient’s Contact number

There can be a C.C. column if you wish to include some other authority in this fax but it would require a different fax number if the person copied to is not at the same location.

The sender can also include some brief comments or instructions on the fax cover page, just to draw the recipient’s attention to attend to the needful.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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