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Fax Letterhead Template

A Fax letterhead is the format of how a fax page looks like. It contains information to be sent to another person. It contains not only the contents to be sent but also the sender and recipient information for identification and verification purposes. A fax letterhead is a useful piece of document to send information over to another person quickly, so that the recipient will view what the sender views.

The recipient can respond to the fax accordingly. There are various response columns for the recipient to tick or space to make special notes for the sender’s attention. Then, the recipient can fax back the page with his response.

The fax letterhead template usually has the following three (3) sections:

1) * Sender’s Name

* Sender’s Company

* Sender’s Fax number

* Sender’s Contact Number

* Date of fax

* Time of fax

* Total number of pages

2) * Recipient’s Name

* Recipient’s Company

* Recipient’s Fax number

* Recipient’s Contact number

3) * Response column

* C.C.

* Re:

* Overview / Brief comments on fax pages contents

* Urgent

* Please Review

* Please Comment

* Please Reply

* For your records

A fax letterhead with these sections allows recipient’s response. The body of the fax letterhead template can cater for the above responses.

The recipient can fax over the same sheet with his response indicated on the appropriate column. He can even add on his comments.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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