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Fax Memo Template

A Fax memo is just a memo that is faxed over to the recipient(s). It could be sent over to branches of the company all over the country or world. It could be an international meeting where the meeting invitees are from different places and a fax memo can be given to the meeting attendees with regards to a particular project or group activity.

A fax memo can contain information which serves as an update or instructions to inform its recipients of further action to be taken, upon receipt of the fax.

A fax memo copy is usually in black and white. There is no limit to the number of copies you can fax over or to any location you want, as long as the connections are available. The recipient’s fax machine should have sufficient cache to store any big transfer of information.

A fax template usually has the following components as header:

* Recipient’s fax number

* Sender’s fax number

* Date of fax

* Time of fax

* Total number of pages

The above information is standard on each page of the fax copies.

A faxed memo can be responded to with columns of response as per sender’s request. Hence, the body of the faxed memo template can cater for response boxes such as:

* Urgent

* Review

* Reply

The recipient can fax over the same sheet with his response indicated on the appropriate column. He can even add on his comments.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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