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Film Proposal Template

Everyone loves a good film; it is not easy to make a film as the right theme must be obtained. Inspiration for the film is also crucial besides the budget and manpower.

Many films are made from books or novels; hence a film proposal is required to seek the permission of the rightful owner of the story for copyright waiver before filming can begin.

Thus we have enjoyed many great movies like Narnia and Harry Potter series. Biographies and true stories are very heart-warming which make a good read a good movie.

A film proposal template should contain the following information:

* Story owner’s Name

* Film Production Company Name

* Objective of Proposal

* Permission request

* Title of film based on book or story

* Genre of film

* Brief of film

* Main leads in cast

* Venues of filming

* Budget

* Royalties

* Terms and Conditions

The film proposal must be courteously written to seek the favor of the recipient for giving his permission to transform the book or story into a film. It should state a brief of the film based on the book or story so that similarities and differences can be identified for approval or disapproval.

The suggested main actors and/or actresses should be listed for the recipient’s consideration and approval, especially if it is based on a biography.

Royalty terms are crucial as it involves money which is revenue for the owner of the book or story.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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