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Financial Proposal Template

Businesses and individual may find themselves in a financial need where a loan is required. Hence, a financial proposal is required to be submitted to a financial institution or provider for a positive loan consideration.

Some lending institutions require a personal financial proposal while others require an in-house financial application form.

A financial proposal template may require the following information:

* Borrower’s Name & Address

* Financial Institution’s Name & Address

* Date of Request

* Objective of Proposal

* Amount requested

* Enclosed documents

* Repayment capabilities & terms

The financial proposal has to be courteously and professionally written for a good impression to the lending provider for a positive response to your financial request.

It should state the objective or reason for your request of finances clearly for the lender’s clear understanding of your need. You should also state the amount required and how it is to be dispensed; this is important from businesses that are planning to turn the capital around to expected profit.

The repayment schedule may be suggested although the lending provider may propose their own. There may be other terms and conditions which you will need to work out with the lending provider to establish a good relationship for the loan.

It is helpful to include the necessary documents, such as bank statements, pay slips, your business profit & loss sheets, business transactions and the like to prove the viability of your loan objective.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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