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Although food is important to the body, you will need to take care of what you consume. The better and wiser option is to perform the relevant exercises as you plan your diet so that you will stay in good health. Hence, a fitness log would make a good record document to identify the types of food that an individual would consume and the types of exercise program he takes on.

This is necessary for an individual who may have a health condition, such as diabetic or high/low blood pressure patient. A hospice or a rehabilitation center would use a fitness log for its patients. This way, the health of the patient can be monitored and the better healthcare can be identified and administered.

A fitness log usually combines the food log and the exercise log for a better comparison.

A fitness log template usually lists the following sections:

* Food log

* Exercise log

* Well being

* Physical complaints

* Date

In the Food log section, you can record:

* Type of Meal

*Types of food

* Quantity of food (portion)

* Calories

* Fat

* Weight

The Exercise log section can record:

* Type of exercise

* Duration of exercise

The well being section may record the general health of the patient from the food and exercise routines.

The Physical complaints section records any feedback from the patient regarding his physical condition. It is up to the physician to interpret, diagnose and recommend the best treatment for his patient.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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