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Flash cards are very useful and educational tools for the young. Toddlers and pre-kindergarteners will enjoy learning more with flash cards that are informative and attractive. Flash cards can come in any shape or size although they are usually square or rectangular like papers and books. But they should be of a size that is easy to hold and handle; yet, big enough for reading and viewing in a reasonable sized group. Flash cards are best used in a small group or individual learning.

Effective flash cards are usually colorful with pictures and corresponding words written clearly and in big prints for good and easy reading. Sometimes, the wordings can be spaced out slightly with dots and dashes, with some italics and bold formats to help with the proper pronunciation.

A flash card template can be simple or creative with the following components:

* Word to be learnt

* Appropriate picture

* Colors

* Different fonts and sizes

* Word format

Flash cards can come in one sided or two sided format. If it is just one side, the learning information will be all on one side; if it is a two sided format, usually the picture is placed on one side and the learning word on the other side. A one sided format flash cards may look like huge playing cards which can make learning fun by flipping over the cards and saying the words.

As the child progresses with his learning, flash cards can be just words.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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