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Food Journal Template

Food is important to sustain the body. There are many kinds of food which the body requires to maintain its good health. It is advisable to keep track of the food intake we subject our bodies to.

A food journal is a helpful tool in recording the types of food we take in, and tracks the condition of our bodies depending on the nutrients that go in.

You can list down the types of food for each meal in the food journal, not only to avoid a repeat of the food, which may be boring; you can also record down the number of calories with respect to the carbohydrate and fats amounts found in your chosen food for any meal. This type of detailed tracking will help you determine the health level of your preferred food choices.

A food journal template usually lists:

* Meal

* Date of Meal

* Type of food & drink

* Number of calories

* Carbohydrate portion

*Fats portion

The total calories can be computed to give you a better idea how healthy your body is with the types of food you put in.

You can include snacks and suppers to give you a more accurate account of your food intake. With a food journal and your body weight, you can identify the correct actions to be taken to maintain your good health; for example, considering exercises if you want to carry on with your food choices.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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