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A Food planner is useful for any caterer or homemaker who needs to serve meals every day. A Food planner enables the chef to track the menu so that there is variety in the meals planned. A food planner may be used for the whole week.

Assuming three meals a day, breakfast, lunch and dinner, a chef would have to plan a minimum of fifteen (3×5 days) meals per week. If the weekends and snacks are included, there will be more meals to plan by the chef. It is not an easy or envious task; a chef needs to bring in, not only food variety, but also creativity in the names and presentation of the dishes.

Not only that, if each meal has the following categories – Appetizer, Main Course and Dessert, the chef has a lot of dishes to create in order to satisfy his diners.

The Food planner template can consist of a header with its Days of the week while the body may consist of the food categories. This format allows the chef to have more space in list down the food information like dish name, ingredients and presentation style. It is up to the user of the template to put the table of information in his preferred format, according to his convenience.

Hence, the body of a Food planner template may contain the following columns of information for each day at the header:

* Appetizer

* Main Course

* Dessert

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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