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Formal Meeting Agenda Template

A Meeting is always an essential activity for any taskforce. Meetings are required to update and follow up on the flow of activities to track the progress of an assigned task or objective.

A formal meeting can refer to the gathering of various types of people who are joined with one purpose or objective. It could be people from various organizations or countries who come together to discuss the flow of events for a particular task of which each attendee has a vested interest.

Examples of formal meetings are United Nations meetings, CEO conference meeting, Parents-Teachers Association meetings, or Businessmen meeting.

Each of the mentioned examples of formal meetings has its own objective to meet together on a regular basis: weekly, monthly, bi-annually, annually or quarterly. Some may meet less frequently until the targeted project or activity draws near, such as the Olympics, to have these formal meetings.

Its formal nature requires the agenda to be formulated properly before the meeting commence so that the time is not wasted with idle talk or activities.

Hence, a formal meeting agenda template takes on the following title displays:

* Company name

* Meeting Agenda

* Time & Date of Meeting

* Venue of Meeting

Then, the template header lists:

* Type of Meeting

* Invitees

* Facilitator

The body of this template may contain:

* Objectives of the meeting

* Approval of last meeting’s minutes

* Open issues

* New business

* Adjournment

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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