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Formal Proposal Template

A proposal is important to every business to survive. It is a crucial piece of document that recommends the company’s business and skills to another for undertaking a task or project. A formal proposal is written in a formal structure that reflects the professionalism of the company.

A formal proposal must be well written and put together for submission to the client for his consideration and award of job to the proposer. The formal proposal lists the company’s skills, expertise, experience, resources and professionalism in handling the project or task on hand offered by the client, who is outsourcing the task due to some reason.

A formal proposal must be accurate, informative and convincing from cover page to the last page. The cover page usually displays the topic and a general overview of the proposed task.

The accompanying pages lists the background of the proposing company, the areas of expertise and experience, an understanding of the task on hand, the benefits of the task and the advantages of hiring the proposed company for the task.

The proposal template may contain:

* Company’s Name & Logo

* Client’s name

* Proposal title

* Date of proposal

* Version

* Company Background

* Company expertise, experience and skills

* Company resources

* Analysis of task proposed

* Solution proposed

* Pros and Cons of proposed solution

* Benefits of awarding the job to proposal

* Timeframe of job completion

* Cost

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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