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Functional Marketing Resume

Marketing is very important in any business; it must be functional to be of any effect as it must be impactful to its targeted audience. A functional marketer is one who knows the market well for promoting his company’s products and services. He must be well versed with the company products and services so that he can market them convincingly to his clients.

A functional marketing worker must be equipped with the right skills to handle his work efficiently. He needs ICT skills to key in his customer’s information that will enable him to offer his customers the right product. He must be diligent in his research to identify the needs of his customers. His analytical skills must be immaculate to correctly identify the needs and requirements of his market audience.

A functional marketing resume template may have the following information:

* Functional marketing employee’s personal information

* Education

* Interests & hobbies

* Skills and experience

* Research and publishing

* Achievements

* Career Objectives

* Certifications & Awards

* Industry exposures

* Previous employers

* References

* Community contributions

A functional marketer must be a very friendly person with an extrovert nature to enable him to interact with all types of people easily. He must be able to make almost any person comfortable to strike up a good relationship for promoting his products or services subtly. He tends to have many friends who are also his customers.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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