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Functional Resume

When an individual applies for any post, he must prepare his resume to be impressive and convincing. It must contain functionality in that it promotes the job applicant as best as possible to secure the position applied.

A functional resume is very important for any job applicant. Its format and contents are important as it can help the job applicant make a good impression on the reader to be granted an interview or job offer. A functional resume must contain relevant and important information that helps the reader decide positively on this candidate as a potential employee in the organization.

A functional resume must be written well directing its contents to impress and convince the reader. It must contain relevant educational path and work experience that are relevant to the applied job position. That will ensure the reader’s positive consideration of the applicant’s potential employability. There must be the right achievements, certificates and awards listed in a functional resume to support the candidate on his job application. A functional resume must contain the latest skills and knowledge information to prove the job applicant’s up-to-date relevance to the industry or position applied.

A functional resume template may have the following information:

* Applicant’s personal information

* Education records & achievement

* Interests & hobbies

* Skills and experience

* Research and publishing

* Career Objectives

* Certifications & Awards

* Industry exposures

* Previous employers

* References

* Community contributions

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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