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Fundraising Proposal Template

Fundraisings normally happen in aid of some charitable and non-profitable organizations such as the poor, orphanages, elderly, single parents, and the sick.

Many such groups of society require financial assistance to have an acceptable lifestyle, especially with the higher costs of living due to the fluctuating economy.

Many NGOs and charitable individuals do attempt to organize fundraising events to solicit funds from organizations and affluent individuals to bless the needy. There are many needs for each of the charitable societies as many of them do not have the means to be self-supporting, like orphanages and the sick.

Hence, a fundraising proposal should be properly structured for the recipient’s favorable consideration in contributing towards the needy group.

Fundraising proposals can contain details of the planned events to raise funds for the targeted charity. It can also be a direct solicitation of cash donations where cash and checks are requested to assist the needy, such as earthquake and tsunami victims in other countries.

A fundraising proposal template should contain the following information:

* Fundraising Organizer’s Name & Address

* Purpose of Fundraising

* Targeted beneficiary of funds

* Proposed collection date, time & venue

* Collection format

* Participation invitation to cause

* Response to invitation

* Appreciation of participation

The fundraising proposal must list the targeted beneficiary with its address and contact information for authentication. The collection format, cash, check, credit or debit, should provide a corresponding receipt for accountability and tax purposes.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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