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Funeral Program Template

Funerals are not pleasant occasions for anyone, especially those whose loved ones have just passed away. Funerals are usually a time of grief and may be difficult for those who lost their loved ones. Nevertheless, it is usually a standard procedure to give the deceased a fitting send off in terms of a wake service.

A wake or funeral service will require a funeral program where the order of service is listed out for the audience to follow.

A funeral service template may contain the following pieces of information:

* Funeral Service for

* Deceased Name

* Date of funeral service

* Time and Venue

* Presiding Facilitator

* Order of Program

* Acknowledgement

The above information informs the attendees of the funeral service what to expect of a funeral service. A funeral service is usually quite short. Some funeral services of certain races could last a few days for the last rites to be performed.

The Presiding facilitator is usually a religious authority who is licensed to conduct the last rites for the deceased by law. The order of program may contain the following:

* Call to order of funeral service

* Welcome address

* Brief introduction of deceased to attendees

* Songs

* Meditation or Prayer

* Message (in religious circles)

* Eulogies

* Last rites action

Depending on the ethnic and religion, there will be differences to a funeral service. Whatever the race or religion, all funeral services should be respected.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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