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Gantt chart Template

Every business that adopts a project will want to consider using a Gantt chart to monitor its project progress. The Gantt chart is a well renowned business project tool used to identify the progress of a project in its various stages to ensure full success.

It is a very complete recording of the different aspects of the project. It will identify the project leader and the sub-categories of the project with their corresponding leaders. It has a bar chart to show the details of the project diagrammatically, allowing an easy understanding of the facts about the project in progress.

A Gantt chart is not only used in businesses today to display project schedule but also in Information Technology where data may be collected and collated in a pictorial form.

A Gantt chart template usually lists the following sections:

* Company name

* Project name

* Project leader

* Work Breakdown Structure

* Tasks

* Start and End dates

For each task, the following information is recorded:

* Duration

*Percentage of completion

* Working Days

* Days completed

* Days remaining

The Right side of the Gantt chart displays the horizontal bar chart which records:

* Date of task

* Duration of task

Each row of task in progress records the bar of progression with possible critical and slack paths listed for a better understanding of the way the task is progressing. A Gantt chart may identify critical and non-critical activities.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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