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A recent graduate may not know exactly where to apply for his first job. He is usually anxious to land any job to kick start his career. Hence, his resume would be quite general in order to mass mail to many companies and industries. This is very true with arts graduates who can be employable in many types of industry; for example, a social science graduate can work in almost any organization that has people.

Hence, a graduate would tend to draw up his resume in general format so that he can mail it to many organizations for their consideration. A general resume may contain the job applicant’s personal information and contact information, education path and achievements, involvement in clubs and society, community work, interests and hobbies.

A general resume is usually refined when a job applicant is more focused on specific industries or positions after some work experience. A general resume should always be updated to ensure relevancy for the modern times.

A general resume template may have the following information:

* Applicant’s personal information

* Education records & achievement

* Interests & hobbies

* Clubs & societies involvement

* Positions held

* Career Objectives

* Certifications & Awards

* Community projects involvement

* Part time experience

* References

* Strengths and weaknesses

A general resume is useful in helping the job applicant identify the areas of work after graduation. He will improve his resume with the appropriate experience.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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