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Grant Proposal Template

A capital is an essential aspect of a business or research but it is not always easy to get the required sponsors for the funds you need to further your objective. Hence, a good grant proposal must be written to impress your potential sponsors to release the desired funds.

A grant proposal is a formal write up on soliciting the desired funds with the objectives and reasons stated clearly for the sponsors’ benefit and consideration.

It must be written very impressively and convincingly to get the required funding. The information that must be included in the grant proposal must be accurate, precise, true and altruistic since a grant is usually directed at something that is new or unknown. The grant is used to carry out a series of experiments that will prove or disprove a hypothesis or theory which may bring some benefit to society or mankind.

A grant proposal template may contain the following information:

* Date of Proposal

* Proposer’s Name & title

* Sponsor’s name & title

* Project title

* Overview of proposed project

* Objective of proposed project

* Description of Research path

* Identified tasks

* Time frame of tasks

* Individual objective of tasks

* Correlations & Conclusions

* Interpretive results

* Existing data

The grant proposal need to be as convincingly as possible; many would attempt to include existing data or previous research results that seem to be positive and related to the proposed project.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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