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Graphics Design Invoice Template

“A picture is worth a thousand words”, so the saying goes. A lot of graphics are being utilized in businesses today to enhance their presentations or reports as well as to improve legibility and understanding of the business.

Graphics design is not everybody’s forte; it requires much skill and creativity in manipulating certain software to obtain the right effect for a particular presentation. Hence, there are the graphics design experts who are engaged to develop the necessary graphics for a company. Their work effort is chargeable.

Hence we have graphics design invoices to demand payment for the design work performed. A graphics design invoice is similar to an invoice for payment collection.

A graphics design invoice template may have:

* Company’s name and logo

* Company’s full mailing address & contact number

* Customer / Recipient’s full name

* Customer / Recipient’s full address and contact information

* Invoice Number

* Delivery Order Number Reference

* Customer’s Identification Code

* Shipping information

* Delivery information

* Quantity of Items designed

* Item number

* Description of design

* Unit Price

* Line Total

* Taxes applicable

* Due Date for Payment

* Mode of Payment (Terms: 30 days, Cash)

* Check payable to (Company name)

* Terms and conditions

The graphics design invoice can be attached to the design job or separated. There may be further instructions or information with regards to the delivery of the graphics design performed.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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