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High School Student Resume

A high school student should start compiling his personal information for his resume in case he needs to apply for a post while in school. A high school student may be involved in various clubs and societies or take up some committee positions. A high school student, who wants to have a good resume now and later, must start putting his resume together while in high school.

A high school student may need to submit his resume for a scholarship or an academic recommendation. His resume should list his academic accomplishments and strengths and weaknesses. It should list his hobbies and interests that should encompass community activities and contribution.

A high school student resume template may have:

* High School student’s personal information

* Personal Ambition

* Education path & achievements

* Possible Work Experience

* Projects

* Assigned tasks and responsibilities in clubs & societies

* Testimonials from teaching staff

* Skills and Knowledge

* Awards & certification

* Sports Participation

A high school student resume must be updated as and when the student participates in any activity that will enhance his profile for later. The high school student resume should reflect the wholesomeness of the student as a well rounded character who is diligent in his studies, active in sports and contributes to society through community and charitable events.

He must show himself to be a creative and caring person who can contribute to the welfare of others.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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