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Holiday Cards Template

Everyone loves a holiday. It is also lovely to receive a holiday card from some family member or friend who is on holiday. Though you may not be able to join the traveler, it is a privilege to read about the place which was visited by the traveler.

A holiday card can be a postcard or it can come in a card form with pictures and words. If it is a postcard form, space is limited as one side already is taken up by a sight of the holiday venue. On the other side, half of it is reserved for the recipient’s name and full address. Hence, there is only a quarter of a postcard remaining for you to write briefly about your holiday.

However, if your holiday card is in the format of a normal card, you have more space to describe your holiday. However, you rarely get a clip of the holiday venue in a holiday card in card form. So, there is a trade off.

Hence, a holiday card template may include the following:

* Recipient’s name

* Recipient’s address

* Holiday greetings

* Pictures / Photos

* Colors

* Different fonts and sizes

* Borders

* Well wishes

* Sender’s name

You can insert a photo in the holiday card that is of card format to show your recipient how your holiday venue is like, since it would not contain such pictures. You can send your greetings in your holiday card to the recipient.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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