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Holiday Certificates Template

Certificates are pieces of document which have a purpose. Holiday certificates function to be of some value to its recipient. They are usually presented to people to enjoy the values stated on the holiday certificate. It is like receiving a gift certificate which the bearer can use within the validity period to make certain purchases as of the terms and conditions attached with the holiday certificate.

Holiday certificates can be bought for self use or as a form of gift certificates to others in appreciation of their helpfulness. There are many kinds of holiday certificates. Retail shops tend to offer holiday certificates as prizes or discounts to appreciate their loyal customers during the year.

Companies also can purchase holiday certificates to distribute to their clients who had been loyal and faithful to their brand. A holiday certificate can be specially designed by the organization presenting it. It can contain the organization logo and name, the purpose of the certificate, space to record the name of the recipient, date of award and expiry date. The gift certificate can be half or quarter A4 pieces with a nice and professional design.

A holiday certificate template may have the following components:

* Organization Name and Logo

* Certificate Title

* Certificate Number

*Expiry date

* Official Authority signatories

* Designs and colors

* Terms and conditions

The holiday certificate can be considered an equivalent cash value which cannot be converted to cash.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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