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Home Content Inventory Template

A home content inventory refers to a list tracking all the important and valuable items in a home. It can include furniture, electrical appliances, paintings and whatever item that the homeowner feels has some value, whether aesthetically or financially.

It can be an orderly list recording all the home equipment by location in a home. This enables the homeowners to locate the items when it is specified at a particular location in the home. This list can be pasted up for all to refer when each resident wants to find some home equipment. Insurance information is included for claims purposes.

You can state the exact condition of each item available in your home before deciding on a new item.

A home content inventory template can contain the following information:

* Family Name

* Address

* Contact number

* Insurance Company

* Insurance Policy

* Validity date

* Insurance Contact Representative

* Location of Item

* Description of item

* Date of Purchase

* Place of Purchase

* Warranty

* Price

* Condition

* Estimated / Depreciated Price

* Model

* Serial Number

* Notes

* Date of last stock check

There are many types of items and related information on a home content inventory that can be registered. An electronic copy will prove useful for updates and changes for new items bought or old items discarded so that the home content inventory list will always be updated with your insurance policies.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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