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A Home list is a dedicated listing of properties that need to be maintained in good condition. It is usually used by property agencies which need to know the latest condition of their properties so that they can allow these properties to be viewed or sold in good condition.

A home list will record the various properties under the property agency or homeowner all the related components of the property under their ownership or care. It is a helpful list in tracking the properties and their condition. It can record the conditions of houses, buildings, equipment, household items and personal belongings. One application of a home list is insurance where the insurance company requires the individual to list out all his personal ownership of valuable items to be insured.

Hence, a home list template is used to keep up-to-date records of the ownership items of an individual or property agent.

It can have the following information:

* Owner’s Name

* Address

* Policy number

* Today’s Date

* Validity Date

* Property number

* Category

* Property Address

* Description of Property

* Property components

* Quantity

* Condition of property

* Date of purchase

* Original Value

* Current Value

A home list could be drawn up by a professional or authorized evaluator for a legal situation or it could be done up informally by an individual who wish to have his personal worth updated all the time.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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