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Home Mortgage Template

A home is a very important asset to everyone, especially when you are of age and start working. You would probably want to move out from your parents’ home to have your own house; but it is not cheap to own a house.

When you do decide to purchase a house, you must be able to make repayments on a regular basis for many years; sometimes from 10-25 years to pay off your home mortgage loan. Hence, a home mortgage is a good piece of document to keep track of how much and when you have to pay the bank with a display of the outstanding loan amount to clear in what time frame.

These are very important information which allows you to make further plans for your future. From the home mortgage sheet, you can decide to purchase other pieces of assets or incur expenses which might make it harder to pay off your home loan.

A home mortgage template should contain:

* Mortgage information

* Bank & contact number

* Loan amount

* Commencement date

* Monthly payment

* Form of payment

* Check or transaction reference

* Interest incurred

* Capital repayment

* Balance for the year

When the monthly repayment is made, the home mortgage template can recalculate and update your home mortgage loan to give you an overview of the outstanding amount and when the loan is expected to be fully settled. As you see the time frame of full settlement approaching, you are more relieved.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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