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Homework Template

Homework is very important in checking the student’s grasp of a subject matter in school. A student should complete the homework assigned by the teacher daily so that he can track how much he understands the subject matter. That is the role of homework.

It helps the student acknowledge what he knows or does not know; or how much he knows and how well he knows the subject matter.

The homework template can be simple with a daily record of what the teacher has assigned to the student. It is advisable for a student to use a homework template to track if he has any homework and if he has completed them before the due date.

The homework template can contain the following header information:

* Student’s Name

* Student’s Grade / Class

* Day of the week

* Date

* Subject

* Homework

* References

The homework template is flexible where a student can also record revision hours, extra readings, references used and laboratory results. The student can list down the homework on the homework template according to the day/date which the homework is due. This way he will not be penalized for late or undone homework.

A homework template also helps the student to be more disciplined towards his studies. This tool helps the student to be a better student. All students should practice using a homework template and be more independent in their learning to achieve success in their lives.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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