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Hotel Invoice Template

A hotel is place of business; and thus, it will generate invoices for all its transactions to record how much business it draws in every day or month.

Hence, a hotel invoice is necessary to record every type of transaction performed at the hotel or through it, such as meals service, room service, room usage, facilities usage, products and services.

A hotel invoice allows the hotel management to identify what is saleable and what is not. The information allows the hotel management to make decisions that will enhance the services and business profit of the hotel. The hotel invoice is used to bill the hotel’s customers and vendors for all the transactions and services rendered.

A hotel invoice template may record the following information:

* Business Name & Logo

* Business Address & Contact

* Customer’s Name & Address

* Customer’s Contact Information

* Invoice Number

* Billing Date

* Type of Service

* Cost incurred

* Sales Tax, if any

* Total

The hotel invoice is usually in duplicate copies; one for the customer and one for the hotel for filing and reference. It may also be in triplicate if the hotel has a Headquarter which require monthly reporting from its hotel branches.

The hotel invoice is a formal document which requires payment to be made by the recipient listed on the document. It is considered a billing item which lists out the items transacted with the hotel.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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