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Hourly Planner Template

An hourly planner is important to someone who is pressed for time and needs to know how each day is being utilized. This type of planner helps the user take note of the things he has to do throughout the day and understand the timeframe he has for a particular task without exceeding the time limit.

An hourly planner is very effective in disciplining the user to be fruitful and to manage his time excellently. With it, the user can know his strengths and weaknesses in any job undertaken and adjust to fit the task. It is a good tool to take on in developing a healthy lifestyle.

An hourly planner states the Date which it is to be used; it is usually one planner per day.

An hourly planner template is very simple with two or three columns of information:

* Time

* Task to Do

* Comments

An hourly planner’s Time column records the hours of a day, perhaps starting from the first task to the last task of the day. Alternatively, the Time column can list all the hours of a day, in an half-hourly or hourly format, beginning with wake up hour.

The ‘Task to do’ column lists the job or activity planned; a little leeway should be given to each activity so that the user will have some breathing space in between activities.

The Comments column is more a feedback section for the user to record his thoughts on the completed task, or things to note before commencing the task.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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