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House Rent Receipt Template

When you do not own a house, you would have to rent one. Hence, you will need to pay rent. This is very common amongst young adults who start out working in the city, living away from their homes. You will need to ensure that you can pay your rent on time because some places are very particular about good tenants.

Tenants who are bad payers may be blacklisted and find difficulty in securing rental of a good place of stay. At times, references from previous home owners or landlords are necessary to prove the tenant’s reputation before the house is rented. Similarly, a tenant would also want a good landlord or house owner who will be honest and fair in their dealings with the tenant himself, especially in the area of rental.

If you were a tenant who pays your rent punctually, you may wish to secure a house rent receipt to prove your rent settlement and avoid unnecessary disputes with an unscrupulous landlord sometime down the line. A house rent receipt can be issued very easily by the landlord or home owner, especially if it is an agency.

A house rent receipt will contain basic information about the rent, such as found in a house rent receipt template:

* Landlord’s / Agency name

* Date of Payment

* Month of payment

* House address

* Received from:

* Accepted by:

* Payment form: (cash/check/credit card)

* Signatories

* Comments

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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