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Household Inventory Template

A household inventory refers to a listing of equipment that can be found in a home; it can be big items such as furniture or electrical appliances like air conditioning unit and refrigerator, or it can refer to smaller items such as computers and cameras.

A household inventory list is a good list to keep track of the items available in a home; this avoids rash purchases which can clutter the home. A household inventory list can also note the warranty dates and insurance information of relevant items like electrical appliances, in case of repairs or claims.

A household inventory list can be of a personal nature; that is, pertains to an individual of the home or it could be a collective listing for the entire household.

A household inventory template header can include information like:

* Home address

* Personal Belongings / Collective Household

* Family Member

* Inventory Checked by

The template body includes the following important pieces of information:

* Item number

* Category

* Item name

* Description of item

* Purchase Price

* Purchase Date

* Purchase Place

* Serial Number

* Warranty

* Insurance Details

* Notes

The body columns identify each item with the relevant information about the item for record purposes. This format enables an easy finding of relevant information as the all information is on one piece of paper. The Notes column allows the owner to put down special notes on the item, such as ‘Low Battery’ for a camera so that appropriate action can be taken on that inventory.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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