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Identification Card Template

An identity is very important to everyone. It allows one to be recognized and called to answer. An identification card is a very personal piece of document which can be a legal document as with your country’s identification card, or it can be a business identification card which is issued by the company to its employees.

An employee identification card is to confirm the employment of the worker in the company as well as to identify the worker in and outside the work premise.

Different types of identification card will display different information.

A basic identification card template may include the following:

* Person’s name

* Person’s address / Company address

* Person’s photo

* Identification number

A business identification card may include the company’s contact number, department, employee number as well as his position. Some business identification card requires the employee’s signature.

A country’s identification card has a special number which is the digital identification of the citizen which is archived in the nation’s electronic database. It can also have a special barcode or smart chip inserted on it for smart technology functions, such as financial and health information recorded. Some nations use the identification card as a debit card with the presence of the smart chip.

An identification card can also be temporary for workers who go in and out of some workplace for a limited period of time. These are known as ‘guest identification cards’ which must be returned upon exit of the premise.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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