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Independent Contractor Invoice Template

An independent contractor is an individual who works independently with his skill such as plumbing, electrical wiring, flooring, home renovations and the like. He works for his own company or on a freelance basis. His business set up is usually small and from home, as a one-man operation.

Homeowners usually call on independent contractors for small jobs around the house which they cannot handle if they do not have the right skill or knowledge, like electrical wiring.

Independent contractors are cheaper as they are individuals working for a living with less overhead in their business. Hence, their charges are lower than big organizations.

An independent contractor invoice is similar to other invoices in the business environment as it is a formal request for payment on work done. It utilizes an invoice as its business is registered and he may be subjected to an audit check on his accounts by the authority.

An independent contractor invoice may be much simpler and straightforward in its design and structure. Its template may display:

* Contractor’s Company name and logo

* Mailing address & contact number

* Customer’s full name and address

* Invoice Number

* Date of Work commencement

* Date of Work Completion

* Description of Work done

* Material used

* Material charges

* Labor Charges

* Taxes

* Total charge

* Due Date for Payment

* Mode of Payment (Terms: 30 days, Cash)

The independent contractor normally collects cash payment.

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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