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Inspector Resume Template

An inspector is an important profession where standards are concerned. An inspector is a qualified person of authority to check on the circumstances of any environment to approve or disapprove its existence. Hence, the role of an inspector is very crucial to the safety and smooth functioning of the environment. An inspector of houses must ensure that the building contractors comply to the building codes of the local municipality to ensure safety for the occupants and neighborhood.

The inspector must be well versed with that particular environment or subject matter to make a fair evaluation of the entity or environment; his sole purpose is to ensure safety to the entity’s occupants and environment. Inspectors must be good in his communication skills to interact with different types of people. He needs to be firm in his decisions while upholding his integrity over bad shows of works in any entity evaluated.

He should be cooperative and reasonable while exercising some compassion to allow for slight errors or oversights which are not serious in safety aspects. An inspector needs to be alert to the dangers as he goes about his responsibilities.

An inspector needs to be equipped with the right skills and knowledge to be effective in his responsibilities.

An inspector resume template may include the following:

* Inspector’s Name & Address

* Career Objectives

* Academic qualifications

* Skills & certifications

* Resources

* Areas of expertise

* Work Experience

* References

Consider the attached sample template for your convenience.

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